In September 2020, commemorating Afghanistan's Independence Day (August 19th), Hermes Publishing releases a book of Afghan popular poetry, known as "Landey".

In this book, the Norwegian poet Erling Kittelsen, in collaboration with Parkha Atal and Dewa Wolasmal Babakarkhail, presents Norwegian translations of a number of Landey poems – primarily from the Morgenstierne collection. 

The Norwegian translations strictly follow the poetic requirements of Landey: two lines of 9 and 13 syllables, as well as a fixed ending in the second line. 

New Volume in the Schøyen Collection Series

In volume IV of BMSC (2016), the focus is on manuscripts in the Gāndhārī language and Khāroṣṭhī script. This is eloquent testimony to the growing interest in recent years in Gāndhārī literature and in the early phases of Buddhism in the northwest of the Indian subcontinent on which it throws new light

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Free PDF!

The first volume in the series Buddhist Manuscripts in the Schøyen Collection (BMSC I) is now freely available for download from Hermes Academic Publishing.

Gjenoversettelse av hellige tekster (2019)

Tekster som stadig gjenoversettes er tekster som både har hatt og stadig har en avgjørende kulturell betydning. I denne boken undersøkes gjenoversettelser av hellige tekster, særlig Bibelen og Koranen.


Bidragene i denne boken springer ut fra symposiet Gjenoversettelse av hellige tekster i Skandinavia som ble holdt 11. mars 2016 ved Universitet i Oslo.


Copies still available!


Hermes Academic Publishing distributes this 2 volume book, which includes an edition of the Tibetan text with an English translation and commentary.

Festschrift for Jan Erik Rekdal

This Festschrift for Professor  Jan Erik Rekdal, published at the occasion of his 60th birthday in 2013, contains a variety of articles on Irish language and culture and much else.