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Studia in Honorem Vibeke Roggen

Han Lamers and Silvio Bär (ed.)

Hermes Academic Publishing, Oslo 2022

xii + 564 pages

ISBN 978-82-8034-211-9 (hardback) – NOK 589,-

ISBN 978-82-8034-212-6 (paperback) – NOK 389,-


ISBN 978-82-8034-213-3 (e-book) – NOK 89,-

This book pays homage to Vibeke Roggen, Associate Professor of Latin at the University of Oslo, who has been a driving force and guiding spirit of classical culture in Norway.


On the occasion of her retirement in 2022, national and international colleagues as well as former students have joined forces to acknowledge her commitment to Classics by contributing to this Festschrift. It is dedicated to Vibeke Roggen in gratitude and admiration for the inexhaustible energy, enthusiasm and generosity with which she has promoted the study of Latin and classical culture over the last few decades.

(From the editors’ Preface)

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