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Hindu, Buddhist and Daoist Meditation – OUT OF PRINT

Halvor Eifring (ed.) 

Hermes, Oslo 2014 

243 pages

ISBN 978 82 8034 201 0

Price NOK 399

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements vi

Contributors vii

Hindu, Buddhist and Daoist Meditation viii


The Uses of Attention: Elements of Meditative Practice 1

Halvor Eifring and Are Holen


Can There Be a Cultural History of Meditation?

With Special Reference to India 27

Johannes Bronkhorst


Words for “Meditation” in Classical Yoga and Early Buddhism 41

Jens Braarvig


“Creative Contemplation” (Bhāvanā) in the Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra 57

Bettina Bäumer ‘Sharada’


The First Absorption (Dhyāna) in Early Indian Buddhism: A Study of Source Material from the Madhyama-āgama 69

Bhikkhu Anālayo


Vipassanā in Burma: Self-government and the Ledi Ānāpāna Tradition 91

Gustaaf Houtman


Contemplation of the Repulsive: Bones and Skulls as Objects of Meditation 117

Bart Dessein


Red Snakes and Angry Queen Mothers: Hallucinations and Epiphanies in Medieval Daoist Meditation 149

Stephen Eskildsen


Daoist Clepsydra-Meditation: Late Medieval Quánzhēn Monasticism and Communal Meditation 185

Louis Komjathy


Bibliography 216

Index 235

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